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Kim Cable :: Marketing consultant at Market Hub

Juggling work & a growing family, Kim setup her own Marketing consultancy business. Her skill-set, experience & passion lead her to create a business positioned to act as the marketing partner of small businesses. Her personalised approach offers marketing services tailored to suit the needs of the specific client.

Kim wanted professional images to introduce her & communicate her down-to-earth manner & approachable nature.  She was after the professional look with a friendly, approachable feel. Seeing her website helped ensure I was on the same page & meant the images were in keeping with her brand.

Kim & I worked together to create a portfolio of images including two outfits, different poses, framing & crops. The entire shoot was done at Kim’s house & took around one hour. We used a great spot in her backyard to give us the nice green ground as well as a clean white background to give her options with where she could use the images.

How have you used the images? I have used the professional photographs I had taken to promote my business – Markethub Marketing Services.  So far they have been used on my professional social media profiles; on my website; on a flier I did to promote my business to potential clients; and accompanying media articles about my business.

What feedback have your received about the images? I have received nice feedback from friends and colleagues.  My fliers were received really well by clients too.  People have commented I look friendly and approachable – which was the look I was going for.

Tell us a bit about your photo experience: I actually hate having my photograph taken, but knew that I needed some professional shots.  I chose Brooke because I had used her for a brand photo-shoot that I did for a client and saw how well she worked with the model.  Brooke made me feel very comfortable and not at all self-conscious.  All up the photo-shoot was over within an hour and done at my own house so all very painless really.  I am very pleased with the end result, and impressed with Brooke’s customer service.

What would you say to someone considering getting Brooke to photograph them? Ring Brooke and have a chat, it will make you feel at ease.  I can definitely recommend her as she is a brilliant photographer, as well as has a great way with people.

Tim Carpenter :: Cellist, Singer, Conductor