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Meet Meredith

My name is: Meredith Marsone and I am: 36

I would describe my job as: an artist and I am perfect for it because: its the one thing I'm really good at. Right now I'm working on: an exhibition that opens in a weeks time. You can see it: on my FB page

I'm most inspired by: random things around me, other people's creativity and my friends. and my creative heroes are: Gustav Klimt, Gerhard Richter and, more recently, Amanda Palmer. I love them because: their talents abound and inspire others

The best piece of advice I've received is: Don't buy it unless you love it

In my spare time I: watch movies and read

My career path has been: varied, random but with painting as a constant.

Some of the challenges I've overcome are: depression. And I got through them by: living, making new decisions and learning to love life

The things you need most in my kind of work are: patience, dedication and imagination.

The biggest lesson I've learnt is : your skills can increase not necessarily as a constant development but as jumps that are mind blowing

One thing that frustrates me is: never ending housework.

When I was little I wanted to: grow up to be a cat. I remember the day it dawned on me that it couldn't happen. It was a sad day.

One day I'd like to: live in Italy, paint and eat enormous quantities of fabulous pasta

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