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A story of two sisters

Illustration by Brooke Baker

Illustration by Brooke Baker

I want to share you a story of two sisters.

To one learning & interaction came easy; life was intriguing & exciting.

The other struggled with health issues, the resulting isolation & life was much more of a challenge.

When differences are so extreme, there can appear to be very little in common. But their mother signed up the two girls to sing in a choir.

Illustration by Brooke Baker

Illustration by Brooke Baker

Now the girls had a shared pastime. They both added their voice & contributed what they could. They had songs in common which they sang together at home.

Each got different things out of the experience, but there was a lot they shared; they were both valuable members, both worked hard on something which made their parents proud & brought smiles to faces of strangers.

Vulnerability & Fear

Oh, the humanity!